Jai and Kai

47 minutes

Another complete JK transcription! ("Jay and Kai" is the album with the big alphabet letters on the front.) "Jay and Kai" is also a complete transcription of all trombone parts, rhythm parts, improvised solos and chord changes.

Fully licensed and copyright approved, with residuals paid to the Johnson and Winding estates.

There is no commercial recording of this out-of-print recording, so feel free to plug your headphones into your computer and play along with the audio files below!

Duration: approx. 47 minutes. Music transcribed by Robert Elkjer.

Tbns. 3 and 4 to "Yes, You" (tbn 4tet) are available for download below.

"I Should Care" was recorded with tbn and tenor sax, but the sax has been converted (original key and register) to a second tbn part. It actually lays real well. The original sax part to "I Should Care" is available for download below.

"Tromboniums in Motion" was omitted from the collection due to copyright.


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